Are the colours on your website true to life?
We work hard to display the colour and details of the products that appear on the website as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor, there is no guarantee that the display of any colour will exactly reflect the colour of the product on delivery. We recommend ordering one of our samples for try colour indication.
What are your care instructions?
These Walls products will be shipped to you with care and maintenance instructions. It's a good idea to follow these instructions for the ongoing quality of your product. We do not offer refunds or replacement goods for incorrect measurement calculations, goods that you damage by misuse, including failure to follow care and maintenance instructions.
What are the wallpaper dimensions and product info?
PATTERN REPEAT: Vertical repeat measurements can be found on relevant product page.
FINISH: Non-woven matt wallpaper suitable for residential & light commercial interiors.

CONTENT: Eco-friendly / latex-saturated 30% recycled 70% renewable cellulose fibres.
PAPER WIDTH: 76.2cm / FINISHED WIDTH: 71cm / WEIGHT: 350gsm.
ASSETS: High UV resistance, durable, water repellent, REACH Standard compliant, contributes to LEED credits, recyclable.
FLAME RESISTANCE: Fire Rated ASTM-E84: Class A (USA) / AS3837: Class 1 (Australia/NZ).
INSTALLATION: Supplied untrimmed with 2cm bleed each side for double cut installation. Paste the wall with standard heavy duty paste. Professional installation recommended.
CARE: Washable with a soft cloth and water only. Not scrubbable.
REMOVAL: Dry-strippable, easy to remove in one piece with no residue.
      Can I order samples?
      Yes, you can order samples using the drop-down menu on the product page. Samples are 22x26cm to a scale of 1:1 and are, of course, printed on the same material that we print wallpaper on. Samples are $5 each including delivery. 
      It is important to note that slight variances may occur between batches. To ensure exact colour matching, it is advised to order quantities required for future use at one time and from the same batch. 
      Do you print to order or hold stock for immediate dispatch?
      All orders are printed to your measurements. Wallpaper is available by the lineal metre or 10 metre roll. Please email for a quote and lead-time estimate. Please include your wall measurements (width x height).

      We offer standard $10 shipping within Australia. For our international customers, please include your address and wall measurements when requesting a quote and we will include relevant shipping costs for your location. 
      What wallpaper stock do you print on, tell us more? 
      Our wallpaper is printed on high quality eco-friendly / latex-saturated paper - 30% recycled 70% renewable cellulose fibres. It is a heavy-weight paper at 350gsm with a smooth, matte finish and a lovely feel.
      So why non-woven?
      Non Woven wallpaper made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make the wallpaper strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang (no water required). Due to its high dimensional stability, it has very low wet expansion, will not bubble and edges will not curl. It is also non vinyl allowing it to breathe which helps to prevent mould or moisture. 
      Does the wallpaper come with instructions?
      Yes. The wallpaper comes with detailed hanging and care instructions.  
      How do I hang the wallpaper?
      We recommend using a qualified and trusted wallpaper installer in your area who is familiar with DOUBLE-CUT INSTALLATION METHOD! If your research comes up short, send us an email at and we will point you in the right direction. 

      What paste should be used?
      To achieve the best results, we recommend using a standard heavy-duty paste, specific for 'paste-the-wall' application.

      When do I need to seal the wall? 
      You only need to seal the wall if it is very porous or absorbent. For example, for new walls or newly plastered walls which have never been wallpapered or painted before. If water from a wet sponge disappears into the wall, then it is too absorbent. You can pre-paste by diluting the paste (that you use for wallpapering) with extra water. Apply this at least five hours before you plan to wallpaper the wall.

      Can I paste new wallpaper over existing wallpaper?
      If the wallpaper is firmly attached and is even in appearance, you can. Make sure that you do not lay an edge over an edge underneath. Our advice is always to work with a bare wall. With non woven wallpapering, that always gives the best results.